I wanted to take the time to say that I received the TRC and I am extremely pleased! You did an outstanding job.


Thank You.





My new pickguard is fantastic and looks so good on my guitar. Sorry it took so long to give you feedback but I have been out of town.


Nice doing business with you...couldn't be more pleased!



Hey Bill,


Just wanted to say how grateful I am that the truss rod turned out the way it did. She looks great on my Taylor GS Mini and really completes the look! Once I get some pictures (of her in action of course) I'd love to send them over.


Thanks again and wish you all the best.



Dear Bill


Truss rod cover received today in good order and is now on the banjo. It looks great, subtle and unobstrusive, matching in well with the wood and in lay of the peg head. It's perfect.


Thank you


Best wishes




I received it in the mail, and I installed it on my guitar over the weekend, it's great, thanks!!


Hope all is well with you.





The trc is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Excellent work my friend! Happy Holidays to you and your family.


All the best,





TRC is gorgeous! Thanks much, man...



She loved it! Thank you again! Have a wonderful Holiday!!!!



Got it and it is beautiful. Worth every penny.


Happy New Year,





I got the truss rod cover today...it's beautiful . You did a fantastic job.





It's a great piece! Sorry I haven't had a chance to drop you a line sooner. It looks great. I like the label when some clown at the antiques roadshow takes it off in a hundred years they'll know who made it!





Hi Bill,


Just want to let you know I received the Guild Bluesbird TRC a few days ago and I love it (I was under the weather, so pardon the delay in writing you)!


Not that I expected otherwise, but you really did a great job. It was already a nice looking guitar--and now it's even better. 🙂


Thank you so much.



Pick guard arrived today. I am very pleased. Enclosed are 2 pictures with it installed.





Hi Bill,


Just wanted to say I received my TRC yesterday. It is BEAUTIFUL & looks great on my SG. I'll be showing it off Memorial Day weekend when the band plays. The meaning of the name means a lot to me & for you to make it look so beautiful means a lot. THANKS SO MUCH!


- Candice

Hey Bill,


I got the pickguard today. It's perfect. The cocobolo matches the guitar body pretty well and the maple edging matches my inlay well also. Perfectly fits the soundhole. I really like the look. Subtle but unique.


Thanks again.



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